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MP3 decoding is now even easier! The new VS1002 from VLSI is a single-chip MP3 audio decoder. It contains a high-performance, low-power DSP processor core VS DSP4, working data memory, 5 KB instruction RAM and 2.5 KB data RAM for user applications, serial control and input data interfaces, 4 general purpose I/O pins, UART, as well as a high-quality variable-sample-rate mono ADC and stereo DAC, followed by an earphone amplifier and a ground buffer. Available in a LQFP-48 pin package.


  • Decodes MPEG1.0&2.0 audio layer III (CBR + VBR); WAV and PCM files
  • Encodes ADPCM from microphone input
  • Streaming support for MP3 and WAV
  • Low-power operation
  • Stereo earphone driver capable of driving a 30mA­ load
  • 7.5 KB On-chip RAM for user code / data
  • Serial control and data interfaces
  • New functions may be added with software and 4 GPIO pins


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