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Parallel is when two or more things run in the exact same direction.

For Example:



Those are parallel lines running in the same direction which ever you way you look at them.

In electronics you often see parallel being used in the power system or batteries. Connecting your batteries in a parallel circuit will double the amount of time they will last. To do so you would connect the negative polls together and the positive polls together. Other components such as resistors and capacitors are often connected in parallel for various reasons.

In digital memory parallel is used to describe a simultaneous loading of register such as in a parallel loading sift register. This is known as parallel loading because it can be visualised as a series of parallel wires feeding into the device. Parallel is also referred to the when describing the Parallel Port which can be found on many older desktop computers.

Parallel is also used to describe simultaneous logic processing known as Parallel Processing which in commonly used in FPGAs.

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