Thermocouple Amplifier Digital MAX6675

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MAXIM IC MAX6675 Cold Junction Compensated K-Type Thermocouple to Digital Converter. This simple 8-pin SOIC IC attaches directly to any K-Type Thermocouple and interfaces via a SPI read-only interface. Works great with 8-pin SOIC to DIP adapters.


Hooking it up

The surface-mounted MAX6675 can be much easier to work with by soldering it to the Sparkfun 8-bit SOIC to DIP Adapter.

  • Pins
    • VCC - input voltage (+3.0 to +5.5 V)
    • GND - ground
    • SO
    • SCK
    • CS
    • T- negative thermocouple terminal (typically yellow for K-type)
    • T+ positive thermocouple terminal (typically red for K-type)
alt text


Make your life easier by using an Arduino library for reading/processing the output from a MAX6675 by Ryan McLaughlin.


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