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A Watt is a measure of electrical power. The power through a circuit in Watts is given by the voltage * current.


  • P = U×I

Could also be written as

  • I = P÷U
  • U = P÷I

Where P is Power, I is Current and U isVoltage

These equations is closely related to and is often used together with Ohm's Law


A 110 Watt bulb connected to the wall in the US (110 volts) would be drawing 1 amp(current) . 110volts * 1amps = 110 watts.

SI multiples for Watt (W)
Submultiples Multiples
Value Symbol Name Value Symbol Name
10−1 W dW deciWatt 101 W daW decaWatt
10−2 W cW centiWatt 102 W hW hectoWatt
10−3 W mW milliWatt 103 W kW kiloWatt
10−6 W µW microWatt 106 W MW megaWatt
10−9 W nW nanoWatt 109 W GW gigaWatt
10−12 W pW picoWatt 1012 W TW teraWatt
10−15 W fW femtoWatt 1015 W PW petaWatt
10−18 W aW attoWatt 1018 W EW exaWatt
10−21 W zW zeptoWatt 1021 W ZW zettaWatt
10−24 W yW yoctoWatt 1024 W YW yottaWatt
Common prefixed units are in bold face.

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