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bildr wants to pay for your next project!

Have a cool idea for a project? Let us know. bildr wants to pay for the parts you need to get it done.

What’s the catch? In return for us paying for the components, all we ask is that you document the process, write a blog post about it, and agree to give bildr access to the information.

But that seems like a lot of stuff! Not really! You were going to build the project, anyway, so the only extra step you may need to take is to document the process and write about it for the blog.

The cool thing is that your project gets featured on bildr’s home page for thousands of people to see. So, you get free parts, and FAME!!! We just want the documentation to help further the community.

I thought bildr wasn’t a company, so how is this being paid for? bildr isn’t a company - but if we were, we would be an awesome one! The founder of bildr took some odd jobs to help pay for the first round of parts. And you know the forum banner ad that you hate? 100% of that income funds things like this.

What if I have an awesome idea, but I don’t think I could make it? If you would still like to have your idea made, you can forward it to us, and if it is totally awesome, we can try to fund someone else to make it happen. If we get enough money, we may even send you parts, as well, so you can make your own copy after the project has been documented.

How do I submit my idea? Just send your idea to [email protected] with a paragraph or two about the project, what it does, a parts list, and how you might get it done. Sadly, because of the whole money thing, we won’t be able to fund every entry. Submissions will be ordered / judged based on criteria such as wow-factor, cost, originality, and mass appeal.

If your project is selected, bildr will arrange to have the requested parts sent directly to you. Unfortunately, because of shipping prices, this promotion is open only to US users. Sorry, no shipping to PO boxes.

Here is the fine print - Before you submit an idea please read this! All participants should try their best to complete their project within two (2) weeks of receiving their parts. If extenuating circumstances arise which prevent you from completing your project within the two-week period, hit us up, and we can try to work something out - or you can return the parts so we can move on to the next idea.

All code that you create for your project should be original, when possible. The code will be made available on bildr and to the public under the MIT software license. This means that anyone will be able to use your submitted code for their project and do whatever they want with it. If they change it enough, they won’t even have to include the license with it. They could even make money off of it. But, hey, you get free stuff... and FAME!, and the community benefits, as well.

Your blog entry should clearly detail your process and make it possible for anyone to replicate. If you can include a video of the project working, as well, that would be even more awesome!

The entire project probably won’t end up in the wiki - bildr is a modular site, not a project site - so we may break it apart to insert the new knowledge in the wiki.

NOTE: All information contained within this article is pure opinion. Although this article is intended to help people, it may contain faulty or misleading information. This article is not to be considered professional opinion or advice, and is in no way a replacement for reading all safety/instructional documentation. Always remember to protect yourself when handling/using hazardous materials, as well as test new techniques before using them on projects/work intended to be handed in or used.

bildr and its contributers take NO responsibility for the information contained within.