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HMC6352 A.jpg

This is a very simple breakout board for the popular HMC6352. Remember the KISS mantra? We really enjoy the simplicity and ease of use with the HMC6352. If you need simple, clean, degree resolution compass heading, this is the way to go.


  • Simple I2C interface
  • 2.7 to 5.2V supply range
  • 1 to 20Hz selectable update rate
  • True drop-in solution
  • 0.5 degree heading resolution
  • 1 degree repeatability
  • Supply current : 1mA @ 3V

The HMC6352 uses a 2-wire(TWI) I2C serial connection for communication. (See the I2C article for I2C pins on specific microcontrollers.)

  • SCL – the serial clock
  • SDA – the serial data line


Hooking it up

Pin No. Pin Name Pin Function

  1  *      OF-       Offset Strap Negative              
  2  *      SR+       Set/Reset Strap Positive           
  3  *      NC        No Connection                      
  4  *      NC        No Connection                      
  5         GND       Ground                             
  6         NC        No Connection                      
  7         SDI       I2C Data Output (SPI Data In)      
  8  *      SDO       SPI Data Out                       
  9  *      PGM       Program Enable                     
 10         SCL       I2C Clock (SPI Clock)              
 11  *      SS        Slave Select                       
 12         NC        No Connection                      
 13         NC        No Connection
 14         VDD       Positive Input (+2.7VDC to +5.0VDC)
 15         NC        No Connection
 16         NC        No Connection
 17         NC        No Connection
 18         NC        No Connection
 19         CB2       Amplifier B Filter Capacitor Conn
 20         CB1       Amplifier B Filter Capacitor Conn
 21         NC        No Connection
 22         CA2       Amplifier A Filter Capacitor Conn
 23         CA1       Amplifier A Filter Capacitor Conn
 24  *      OF+       Offset Strap Positive

Note :- * = No User Connection

HMC6352 B.jpg


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