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Welcome to bildr...

A community for making ideas happen

By breaking your ideas into smaller parts {modules} bildr can help you understand what parts you need {components}, what it all means {articles} & how to quickly get your idea made with as little friction as possible.

To make this happen, bildr’s wiki pages have been broken down into 3 fundamental types:


example: ADJD Color Sensor Components are pages about specific parts. These are items that might have an item/part number and can be purchased from a store; for instance, 1.uf Electrolytic capacitor, but not Capacitor.

Component pages are informational, not instructional. These pages explain the interface and uses of the component, but fall short of step-by-step instructions on use.


example: Step Motor Generic wiki articles are pages that define or explain something. These pages can be about ideas or generic items; for instance, Capacitor, but not 1.uf Electrolytic capacitor.

Articles are only as in-depth as necessary, and they never include information that is not necessary to gain a working knowledge of the idea or item. All history and theory are left out, except when completely necessary.


example: Controlling a solenoid Modules are pages that take components or generic item articles, often in combination, and extend them into how-to articles. These pages explain in-depth how to create objects that do or accomplish one thing. Modules are the real building blocks of bildr.

Modules are modular, in that they can be used in the creation of many larger projects, and are only as big or complex enough to get the job done.

NOTE: All information contained within this article is pure opinion. Although this article is intended to help people, it may contain faulty or misleading information. This article is not to be considered professional opinion or advice, and is in no way a replacement for reading all safety/instructional documentation. Always remember to protect yourself when handling/using hazardous materials, as well as test new techniques before using them on projects/work intended to be handed in or used.

bildr and its contributers take NO responsibility for the information contained within.