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Ohm is the standard measurement of electrical Resistance.

The ohm (symbol: Ω) is the SI unit of electrical impedance or, in the direct current case, electrical resistance, named after Georg Simon Ohm.


SI multiples

SI multiples for Ohm (Ω)
Submultiples Multiples
Value Symbol Name Value Symbol Name
10−1 Ω deciOhm 101 Ω daΩ decaOhm
10−2 Ω centiOhm 102 Ω hectoOhm
10−3 Ω milliOhm 103 Ω kiloOhm
10−6 Ω µΩ microOhm 106 Ω megaOhm
10−9 Ω nanoOhm 109 Ω gigaOhm
10−12 Ω picoOhm 1012 Ω teraOhm
10−15 Ω femtoOhm 1015 Ω petaOhm
10−18 Ω attoOhm 1018 Ω exaOhm
10−21 Ω zeptoOhm 1021 Ω zettaOhm
10−24 Ω yoctoOhm 1024 Ω yottaOhm
Common prefixed units are in bold face.

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