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SparkFun Electronics is an online electronics store, offering a wide selection of hobby electronics kits and components. They also host a forum and encourage community discussions and comments. SFE staff can regularly be seen responding to comments and forum posts, which gives the site a personal touch sorely lacking at other online retailers. Various how-to classes are hosted at their H.Q. in Boulder Colorado.


Arduino- Pro, pro mini, Bluetooth, Stamp, Mega, FIO, Duemilanove, and 23 shields.
- ATMega, ATTiny, XMEGA, USB, component chips, header boards, complete development kits.
- PIC, PIC32, PICAxe, USB kits, programmers, development boards.
- 1-2-3 axis accelerometer, 1-2-3 axis gyro, biometric, current, force, flex, RFID, IMU, infrared, light, cameras, compass, proximity, radiation, sound, temperature, weather.


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