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About Me

Nickname : Robotix
Nickname Origin : The name was chosen for me by my family. It reflects me quite well as I am into electronics, mechanics & robotics.
Website : I own and run Robomods
Website Address (non link) :
Personal Information
Born : Rinteln, Germany
Birthdate : 17 December 1968

Extra Info
I am a Computer Geek with some 20+ years in the electronics industry.
I have worked for various industries including the MoD (don't ask) & tin pot firms who pretend to be big players.
I have a keen interest in Retro Computers and Consoles and am looking into building my own Mame Machine from the ground up.
I would love to own all the old Retro Computers & Consoles especially the SX64.
I am happily married with two children & a zoo.

Claim to Fame
My mention on the blog reads : Neil, the wiki administrator. For his thousands of edits small and large, I say thank you! Neil, you are tireless and keep me on my toes.

Like & Dislike

Likes Dislikes
Computers Rude People
Electronics Kids who do not do what they are told
Arduino's Windows 7
DIY Viruses
Retro Computers The expense of Christmas
Retro Consoles



CompTIA Certified A+ Computer Support Professional

BTEC NC Electronic/Electronical Engineer

Computer Service & Support Technician.

Current Projects

  • Designing a mame machine including the chassis.
  • Designing a go kart with my kids that has digital steering.
  • Working hard on the wiki.
  • Working on getting a BA/BSc Open Honors Degree with the Open University

Current Wiki Activity

Pages of special interest to me

Special Information

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