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bildr is a community driven site for Artists, Designers, Makers, Builders, or anyone interested in the world between electronics and code.

At bildr we are rethinking the ways in which DIY sites have previously approached this world. Typically, the approach has been to showcase an individual's project, while including instructions that would enable a user to create a duplicate. bildr's method is quite different.

Instead of focusing on individuals' projects, bildr features community-written, collaborative articles that can be used as the foundation of an individual project. The articles come in two forms: Components and Modules

  • Components - (example: ADJD-S371 Color Sensor ) show you how to connect and use an individual component. These pages also include code when needed.
  • Modules - mini-projects. These are all about how to do/make one thing. Like making an electro magnet, or sensing distance.

Simply put, bildr is all about getting your ideas working with less time and effort.

So that's bildr - you supply the idea, we supply the know-how.

bildr is a not-for-profit site, meaning it has no formal business plan or intent on being profitable. While some features will require a user be logged into a free account to use, it has no intent in ever charging for content, or keeping content for pro or elite status.

NOTE: All information contained within this article is pure opinion. Although this article is intended to help people, it may contain faulty or misleading information. This article is not to be considered professional opinion or advice, and is in no way a replacement for reading all safety/instructional documentation. Always remember to protect yourself when handling/using hazardous materials, as well as test new techniques before using them on projects/work intended to be handed in or used.

bildr and its contributers take NO responsibility for the information contained within.